Body Condition Scoring and Diet Management

  • Optimal weight helps your pet to live longer

Being as little as 20% overweight increases you pets risk of serious health problems

  • More food does not mean more love

Over-feeding often results in serious risks to your petâ’s health

  • Dogs and cats after neutering are often at an increased risk of becoming overweight
  • Getting back in shape does not have to mean a lot of change

Successful weight loss can be as simple as changing or “tweaking” their diet

Come and speak to one of our clinic nurses about Body Condition Scoring as we start our new health initiative of….

  • Weigh – we will weigh your pet and keep a record along with providing a printed graph of their weight
  • Score – we will make an assessment of your petâ’s Body Condition Score

Cat – Body Condition Scoring
Dog – Body Condition Scoring

  • Recommend – advice will be given on ways in which you could improve their current diet or whether a change in diet is recommended

Kerry Ann demonstrates Body Condition Scoring