Time’s Up For Ticks!

Time’s Up For Ticks!
July 22, 2019 kernow

Here at Kernow Vets we can’t get enough of being out and about in the current lovely weather with our pets –  but being in the countryside also means there’s the ever present issue of ticks to think about.

Ticks are fairly gross little things that can carry nasty diseases, and no one wants to find one on their pet or themselves!

Learn more about ticks and the threat they carry 

Luckily, Kernow Vets offer a range of really effective tick protections for your pet to ensure that they are completely safe from any tick-bourne diseases. Members of our Pet Health Club are covered for ticks and other parasites as part of their membership benefits. Get peace of mind by ensuring your pet is up to date with their parasite protection by calling us now for your parasite treatments.