Time to Say Goodbye...

Unfortunately the life span of our pets is much shorter than a human so this is a difficult decision that most of us as pet owners will need to face at some time. Euthanasia may be considered as one of the kindest decisions an owner can make for their pet, at the right time. The veterinary surgeons in all our surgeries  are here to help you make the correct decision for your pet, so please do not be afraid to contact us and ask any questions.

Once a decision has been made we can arrange   an appointment at the surgery, at a time when the surgery is quieter and if possible with one of the vets that been caring for your pet.   We can also arrange to visit you at home if practical, although it is not always possible for the vet to leave the practice when busy with patients in the waiting room or carrying out operations. Please contact the surgery to have a chat about this. There is an additional charge for home visits in addition to the usual fees.

When the sad time has arrived whether you wish to stay with your pet is entirely up to you. You may wish to stay to comfort your pet, however the procedure is very gentle and you may feel that your distress may pass to your pet. All of the veterinary surgeons and their support  team are very understanding of the distress you may feel at this time and you may prefer to leave the room and return afterwards to say goodbye.

How euthanasia is carried out

Your pet will usually given an injection into a vein in the fore limb. Sometimes a sedative may be given in advance to ensure the procedure is as calm and gentle as possible. The injection given is a type of concentrated anaesthetic, with relaxing properties, that stops the heart from beating as the animal goes to sleep. This is a medical way of allowing your pet to peacefully die in their sleep. In small pets the injection may be given by another route as their veins are so small.

What happens afterwards?

Some people will decide to bury their pet at home, whilst others may decide on cremation.

We use  the services of the Pet Cremation Services based in St. Newlyn East  and value their high standards and level of care. You can choose an individual cremation in the dedicated pet crematorium , with the ashes returned to you in a casket or a scatter pouch, or as most of our clients choose, a simple cremation can be carried out with the ashes scattered at the crematorium.  Please contact us to discuss the options available bearing in mind that individual cremation is the more expensive option and the cost should be discussed before you make any decision.  Or why not have a look at all the options that PCS can help with – have a look at their website – www.pcsonline.org.uk    

PCS Pet Cremation Services

“We are committed to ensuring that all pets, and their owners, are treated with dignity and care………


Pelyn Lostwithiel Surgery  Memorial Garden

We have recently built a small memorial garden at our Lostwithiel Surgery where clients are welcome to scatter ashes and also to plant memorials with plaques to remember their pets. This has been of particular comfort for our clients who do not have a garden, or who may move house. Please contact Tamsyn or Renay at Lostwithiel for further information.