Press release – Alabama Rot update – 28th Feb 2019

Press release – Alabama Rot update – 28th Feb 2019
February 28, 2019 kernow
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News on the suspect Alabama Rot case in Par

We reported about a suspect case of Alabama Rot in Par at the start of February.   We are now able to advise you of the results of our investigations.   Tests have confirmed that Alabama Rot was NOT the cause of the kidney failure and subsequent death of a lovely dog.

Concerns about Par Beach for dog walking lifted

The results have removed the concerns about walking dogs on Par Beach and also the running track.  Although the true cause of this fatal disease is still unknown we continue to advise dog owners to try to keep away from very muddy areas.  If you do walk your dog in muddy areas we advise thoroughly washing them with water when you get home.  Beaches still appear for now to be a safer option for exercise in the winter.


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