Out of Hours Emergencies


Our emergency service gives any animal all the care they need anytime day or night. Just pick up the phone and ring

T: 01208 873727


PL22 0DZ

Opening Times

  • Monday – Friday: 06.30pm – 08.30am
  • Saturday: 12.30pm – Monday: 08.30am

Our emergency work is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for the care of all emergencies – with the provision of resident nursing care day and night for all in””patients. Our out of hours service is manned by our own veterinary surgeons and nurses from all 3 practices coming together at the Nomansland surgery near Lostwithiel. The continuous nursing support we offer enables us to provide all the services that your pet might need in an emergency. You may never need the full range of services that we offer but it is reassuring to know that if ever you do need emergency pet care in Cornwall outside normal surgery hours we are always there for you and your pets. Our out of hours service is staffed overnight and at weekends and Bank Holidays by vets and nurses who are skilled to deal with the sorts of emergencies that can occur “” from a collision with a car to a bee sting, from poisonings to giving birth or simply reassurance when your pet just doesn”˜t seem very well.

When you ring any of our surgeries outside normal hours you will speak to a dedicated out of hours answer service. They will ask you for all your details and then contact the duty vets. One of the veterinary team will then contact you and will advise you on the best care of your pet. It maybe that you just need reassurance over a problem but it may well be that we will ask you to attend the clinic so that the vet can better assess the best treatment required.

Our Emergency Team

Does your pet need to see a vet? Is it urgent?

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The Nomansland emergency vet team will have access to all the records for pets registered at any of the surgeries that you normally attend.

For the very best attention we will always encourage a consultation at the surgery rather than having a house call as we are limited in the treatments and diagnoses that we can achieve in a home environment. Seeing you at the clinic will enable us to do everything we need promptly to best help your pet. This may involve laboratory work, scanning, x-rays or even intensive care. And if your pet needs to be hospitalised you can be reassured that at the Nomansland facility they will be cared for continuously with the onsite team.

We understand that, just like us, your pet can become ill or suffer an accident at any time of day or night. So the three surgery teams have come together to deliver the care and attention that your pet needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.