Our ‘Enry found 6 years on thanks to microchip

Our ‘Enry found 6 years on thanks to microchip
February 24, 2017 kernow

We would like to introduce you to this very lucky moggy with a microchip – Enry.  This very handsome chap has been on quite the adventure!

Enry’s tale

When he was a younger man of nine years of age, Enryâ’s humans had planned to take a holiday abroad.   In preparation for their holiday they arranged for Enry to stay with close family members and have his own holiday in beautiful Golant.  Enry, however, had other plans!   Shortly after arriving at his holiday destination, Enry went exploring.   For some reason he decided to set off out of Golant and head north.   How or why he did that we will never know.   But at the time, all everyone knew, was that he had sadly gone missing.  Enryâ’s owners were devastated and followed all the best procedures to find him.   They put up posters, contacted all the local vets, and reported him missing to the microchip database.   Eventually, Enryâ’s owners believed they would never see their handsome feline pal again.

This is why getting your cat a microchip matters

However, Enry carried a secret weapon – a microchip!   A member of public brought him into our Kings Avenue surgery recently, where the vet scanned him and checked his microchip details on a national database.   He had been hanging about her shed in Tywardreath, so she had been feeding him thinking he was a stray.  He was registered as missing still … but 6 years ago!!   We were keen to get onto the phone to the registered owners and to our delight were able to contact them.    They were both astonished and over the moon to know that he was OK!   They came to the surgery straight away and had a fantastic reunion.

Now back in the lap of luxury

He is now back in his own home and, despite his long absence, he seems to remember his old surroundings.   His owners are amazed how well he is doing.   As they told us “He always had a feral streak in him, which will have made it so difficult for anyone to help find him because he wouldn’t go to people. When he lived with us people didn’t know we had a cat because he always hid from them, so the fact he is cuddling so much and even started to purr is miraculous!   He’s now exploring the house but he wont be allowed out for a few weeks. He doesn’t mind our dog either!”   They admit they are lucky as the contact details on the microchip database linked back to where their Mother lived – and happily she was till there so was able to get the call to say he had been found.    As his folks both said “The other issue for people to remember is that they should never give up on updating their chip information, because his chip information was still with my Mum and luckily she hadn’t moved.”


So we all wonder what he has been up to on his six-year adventure

Well Enry knows but we donâ’t think he is telling – just yet anyway.

If you have a cat that does not yet have a microchip then do not delay – you just never know when your cat might decide to go walk about.   The special offer at all our surgeries was to the end of February 2017.   But we have been so amazed by “˜Enryâ’s story, and just how important it is to microchip your cat, we are extending our offer for another month to the end of March.   So come and see us for a 40% discount or go into your local vet and get your cats a microchip for March.