Swimming PAT cat – microchip helped save his life

Swimming PAT cat – microchip helped save his life
February 14, 2017 kernow

Mog’s story

After flooding in Lostwithiel, Cornwall a few winters ago Mog and his family had to move out of their house.  Mog then decided to go walkabout and, unfortunately, was hit by a car and seriously injured.   He was rushed into the Pelyn Veterinary Group Lostwithiel surgery, now part of Kernow Veterinary Group, with life threatening injuries. The one piece of good news  for us at the surgery was that he had a microchip.  While our vets battled to stabilise him, our support team were able to contact the owner.  This meant that within a very short period of time  we were able to discuss the best possible options for Mog, with the owners input.  Plus he got to see his Mum very quickly which is always a huge benefit to any animals well-being.

So what if no microchip?

If an animal is injured and there is no way of finding an owner then all of out vets always work to stabilise first.  We then assess the ongoing potential for success of any treatment options needed.  But where there are very serious life changing injuries we need the owner to help us make the call when deciding on the best options.   So finding the owner as quickly as possible is always the very best way forward.

Mog’s injuries?

Having got through his first 24 hours post accident we hoped for the best.  He was unable to pass urine for the first couple of days and continued to have difficulty breathing due to bruising all over his body.  He gradually improved but it was then clear his main ongoing problem was injuries to the nerves of his front legs.  In time his right front leg improved but his left leg appeared to be permanently paralysed.  So after a month of ongoing care, allowing him to fully recover from his internal injuries, he started to go to a physiotherapist.   Ros Boisseau worked with him for a while before saying that, if Mog was a dog, she would introduce swimming to help him.  Mog’s owner said that he liked water and was happy to give it a go.  And CLICK for a video of him swimming  so you can see he took to it like a duck rather than a cat!!

So how is Mog now?

5 years on you can still see a bit of a limp but he manages really well.  He has given up his swimming for now.  He is far too busy with his new role – as a PAT cat.  He spends time as part of the Pets as Therapy team sharing his love and attention with people in need.  He would love any other cats or dogs out there who enjoy people to sign up to this great scheme – check out their web site –  just CLICK here for Pets As Therapy

Get your cat a microchip today…..

As maybe it just help save Mog’s life and now he is making other peoples lives better!!