Look after your senior pets this winter

Look after your senior pets this winter
October 14, 2019 kernow

If you’ve got a dog or cat over 8 years of age, then there are some things extra things to consider when it comes to keeping them healthy and well during the colder winter months ahead.

At Kernow Vets we are so committed to making older age as long and happy as possible for pets, that we have created our own team of dedicated vets and nurses with a specialisation in senior care to help you manage the senior phase of your pet’s lives the best way you can.

Here are some easy tips from our team that will make a great positive impact on your senior pet’s winter wellbeing.

  • Minimise aches and pains by keeping pets comfortable and cosy. Make sure their beds and sleeping areas are soft and warm and away from draughts. Some shivery pets can benefit from the extra heat of a plug-in heat mat under their beds for a further boost of cosiness.


  • For outdoor trips, many senior dogs enjoy wearing a nice warm dog jacket to keep them warm and keep some of the rain off their fur, especially short haired breeds. Keep up regular daily outdoor trips as senior dogs really need to keep moving – But keep walks short and not too taxing, and avoid walking in the snow or on gritted areas too much unless they have boots on, so as to not hurt their feet.


  • Senior cats may prefer staying indoors where it’s nice and warm rather than venturing outside, for this reason it’s wise to give cats an indoor scratch post and some cat toys to keep them entertained and prevent them from ruining your furniture


  • Likewise, you might want to provide extra litter trays for your senior cat over winter so that they don’t feel forced to go outside in bad weather.


With lots of cosy hugs snuggles up on the sofa and warm firesides, winter with your senior pets can be a wonderful time for you both to enjoy!

As part of our senior pets promotion running until 31/12/19, our team offering a full screening programme for older animals –  and at Kernow Vet Group, when we run a check up on your senior pets we really do examine them from top to tail! Here’s a list of what we screen for:


Electrolyte balance


Thyroid level


Dental disease

Eye/Ear diseases

Nails + skin check

Liver health

Kidney function

Full blood count

Mobility + arthritis check

Blood pressure check

Body scoring, weight check + diet review


Screening for all these things means that we can detect any illnesses early on. All of your pet’s results will be shared with you in easy to understand terms (no medical jargon!) to help you get a clear picture of your pet’s health, and ensure your pet lives a long and happy life. Call your nearest Kernow Vets clinic in Bodmin, Lostwithiel St Austell or Liskeard to book in your pet in for their screening programme.