KVG Waist Watching That Weight

KVG Waist Watching That Weight
October 12, 2018 kernow

Waist Watchers with Kernow Veterinary Group

2018 has seen us run a fun competition.   Some of our clients and their pets along with the help of our clinic nurses, have taken part in our Waist Watcher drive in the first half of the year.

Thanks to the commitment of all the owners and, for many, the extra help of the Virbac HPM Weight Loss and Control Diet, we have seen some fantastic results.


This year’s overall winner, Marley the Poodle, lost an amazing 20.36% of his body weight during the competition.  But even more amazing was his loss of nearly 45% body weight in total over the last year.  A fantastic achievement.

And Phoenix, a lovely 7-year-old black and white cat, was this year’s winning cat – losing nearly 13% weight of his body.  What a star!

Other highly commended prizes went to:-

Cody, the cute Jack Russel

Dizzy, a hairy bundle of fun

Whiskey, a very slimmed down Beagle

Hurley, a lively Working Cocker

Being overweight can shorten a pets life

Weight gain has a serious affect on so many pets that we see.  So why not let us help you slim your pet – better health and longer life.  So important to us all.  The potential hazards of being an overweight cat or dog include:

  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Arthritis
  • Lower urinary tract disease
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Pancreatitis

Ring up and book an appointment with one of our Clinic Nurses so they can talk through how they can help.  And check out some more advice on