Kernow Vets volunteers help dogs with StreetVet

Kernow Vets volunteers help dogs with StreetVet
November 27, 2018 kernow

How the Kernow Vets became aware of StreetVet

Kat Smiejan, one of our vets, started doing voluntary work for StreetVet in Bristol.  This fantastic charity helps homeless people care for their pets.  These dogs are the closest friend the have, and in many cases, are life savers.  They can give a homeless person a reason for living.  The worry is though that these dogs need preventive care, such as vaccines and worm and flea treatments.  They also can become ill.  And it is that care and attention that StreetVet provide, through the help of volunteer vets and nurses with the support of their home veterinary practices. The vets and nurses, who themselves work long hours in practice, give up their own time to spend days out on the streets helping dogs and their owners.

Start of StreetVet Cornwall

Since we last let you know about Kat’s work and the StreetVet charity, they have now launched StreetVet in Newquay and St Austell.  One of Kernow Veterinary Group Registered Veterinary Nurses, Cat Hall, is a team leader for Newquay.  And our vet, Kat, is one of the team leaders for St Austell.

We would love anyone who feels able to think about helping the charity by buying items from the wish list.  With Christmas coming up any support would be very much appreciated.  This will be an ongoing need – the items will change as they start to acquire things. And there will be seasonal items that will appear and disappear off the list (e.g. jackets for the winter and cooling mats for the summer).

Link to wish list:

Help raise money for StreetVet with the click of your mouse

StreetVet has been nominated (along with two other charities) to possibly receive a Charity Giveaway from Animal Friends.  The potential prize is a £100,000 so could be a real game changer for the charity!  Please help by voting online via website and the winner will be announced Dec 12th. They are winning so far but need all the votes possible
Link to voting page:

Keep an eye open for StreetVet Christmas Shoe Box campaign with Kernow Vets

We will soon let you know about the Christmas Shoe Box campaign with the Pelyn Kings Avenue surgery being a drop off point. Keep an eye open for this.

With 4 of our team on the StreetVet Cornwall committee and more of our vets and nurses volunteering their time, Kernow Vets is involved in supporting the great work the charity.  The work is focused on the health and welfare of the dogs but also their owners who have fallen on difficult times.

Thank you for any support you can give.