Increased risk of avian flu means housing birds!!!!

Increased risk of avian flu means housing birds!!!!
December 7, 2016 kernow


All poultry and captive birds should be housed indoors in a wild bird and vermin free environment for the next 30 days.  There will then be a reassessment of the risk and further information.  This is the latest instruction from DEFRA .  They are seeing an increased number of outbreaks of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (H5N8) in poultry and wild birds in several countries across Europe. Currently there have been no cases of H5N8 found anywhere in the UK.  This new order is a precautionary measure to help prevent potential infection from wild birds.

If I cannot house them then what should I do?

If they absolutely cannot be housed for any reason then they need to be isolated from wild birds in a wild bird free run. If this is not possible, then isolating particularly their food and water from wild birds can  help. So will feeding at different times rather than the same time every day.  If you feed at the same time every day wild birds will get used to it and come along ready to share!  Also feed small amounts so you do not have a lot of left over food lying around. This will help to decrease the number wild birds coming close to your own birds.  If we do find the disease though in our area then poultry that are outside could be at risk of being culled.

More help and information

DEFRA have published  a link to updated information about biosecurity,disease prevention and how to spot signs of the diease  .  At the moment,  Public Health England (PHE) advises that the threat to human health remains very low. You can find full details  on the Defra website about the Prevention Zone.  We add in further information as we hear it.  And contact any of the Kernow Veterinary Group surgeries if you are worried or need advice.  We cover all of Mid Cornwall.  Surgeries in Bodmin, St Austell, Lostwithiel and Wadebridge.