How Clyde the lurcher helped to save Bertie the border collie’s life – what a hero!

How Clyde the lurcher helped to save Bertie the border collie’s life – what a hero!
June 1, 2016 kernow

Bertie, a 9 month old collie, ran into trouble recently when his inquisitiveness led to some rat bait tasting.   The warfarin in the bait stops blood clotting.   Luckily there is an antidote but Bertie had lost so much blood his capacity to carry oxygen around his body had become dangerously low.   So without some more intensive treatment this could well prove fatal.

Bertie was referred into the Pelyn Lostwithiel surgery for veterinary treatment in an emergency from a practice in the far West of Cornwall.   The Pelyn surgery, as part of the Kernow Veterinary Group, with surgeries in St Austell, Bodmin, Wadebridge and Lostwithiel, have am amazing group of blood donor volunteers.   The owners of these dogs will turn out at any time day or night to help a dog in distress – it needs to be a fresh donation as sadly fresh blood will not store for very long.   The Kernow Veterinary Group has a group of dogs that are typed blood donors and, Clyde the Lurcher, who lives in the Par area of St. Austell, got the call this time to come and help Bertie with his treatment.   Bertie also received some special extra clotting factor from a 2nd plasma transfusion.

The great news is that, after a few days in the hospital of the veterinary surgery in Lostwithiel, Bertie was fit enough to return home to continue to recuperate.   And Clyde……well he went home for some extra cuddles from his very proud owners.

If you are interested in your dog helping others then why not contact any of the Kernow Veterinary Group surgeries of Pelyn Veterinary Group, Churchend Veterinary Centre and Harleigh Vets, Bodmin and Wadebridge and let us know.   Your dog needs to be healthy, under 7 years of age, must not have travelled abroad and not be on any medication.   They also need to be of a relaxed disposition.   Have a look at the information about blood donors and think about joining the Kernow Veterinary Group Blood Hounds team – to find out more then click on ‘About Us’ above and look in our ‘News and Community’ blogs.