Give Your Pet the Best Start in Life

Give Your Pet the Best Start in Life
October 18, 2018 kernow

At Kernow Vets we always want to ensure that your pet has the very best start in life, and If you’ve got a new puppy or kitten we’ve got some exciting news!

Kernow Veterinary Group are proaud to offer a new free of charge New Pet Head Start visit to the practice –  this is a get together with one of our Head Start nurses to help you plan ahead for all you need for your new little family member; a visit to our surgery for a free chat to plan out all your new pet will need and discuss any early worries or concerns.

Our team can then give you clear and simple tips about everything you will need to give your little bundle of joy the very best start in life.

We will draw up a calendar of events and milestones to help you, and we’ll even give you a free bag of Puppy or Kitten Food containing the special ingredients they need to grow strong and healthy.

And the best thing of all is that there are ‘no strings’ to this offer – just a chance for a first visit to a vets as soon as the new pet arrives in the home.  All free!

If you’re about to become pet parents of a new puppy or kitten then give us a call to book in today