February microchip month – Woosie’s tale.

February microchip month – Woosie’s tale.
January 31, 2017 kernow

This is the story about Woosie and his family from St Austell.

Woosie went missing from his home in May 2011. As usual, he had been let out in the morning but that day he just did not come back.

His owners were all devastated and spent weeks checking the vets, roadsides and hedges in case he had been hit by a car or injured.   It is that awful time of wanting to find him but then worrying you are going to find him too late to help him.

With a microchip you should never give up hope.

After 3 years they had completely given up hope and assumed that he had died.   But then, amazingly, his family received the call that they had all been waiting for.   A veterinary practice from about 40 miles away rang to say that they had Woosie in their surgery!

He had somehow jumped in a car or lorry and made it from St. Austell to Callington.   He had been eating scraps of food and hanging around some offices.   Someone had taken him into the vets and luckily, his owners had had him microchipped as a kitten.   Once he had been scanned by the veterinary practice, he was soon identified and they could then contact his owners.

A happy ending.

The vets in Callington rung one of the local Kernow Veterinary Group surgeries in St Austell  and from there we were able to reconnect Woosie with his family.   That night they went to collect him and brought him home.   A magical moment when they were all reunited, having given up hope of ever seeing him again.

Why microchips can be so important.

Woosieâ’s family have all their animals microchipped now.   If it had not been for the microchip they would have never seen him again and would have carried on wondering what happened to him.   And their last word on this story – “We can’t stress enough how important it is to get your animals microchipped in case they are lost or they get stolen.”

So take part in February Microchip Month and our special offer.

February is microchip promotion month at Kernow Veterinary Group and, for the whole month, you can get your cat or dog microchipped for just £10.50.    It is just a short step in trying to avoid the heart break of your cat leaving home and maybe not making it back.   And donâ’t forget that, if you are a member of Pet Health Club, then microchips are free all the year round.