Chocs away! Keeping your pets safe at Easter

Chocs away! Keeping your pets safe at Easter
March 25, 2020 kernow

With our clinic teams very busy dealing with the ramifications of Covid-19, Kernow Vets are urging pet owners to keep Easter Eggs and chocolates out of reach of their furry friends.

With Easter eggs arriving in homes across Cornwall the likelihood of inquisitive dogs sniffing out a potentially dangerous snack is dramatically increased. At this time we really don’t want our customers making unnecessary trips to see us when they could be prevented. Prevention is better than cure, so we would always recommend that chocolate is kept out of the reach of pets. However, should the worst occur and your pet does manage to locate your treats we’ve compiled a few handy hints to keep your four legged friends safe.

● Remove any chocolate from pets immediately, should they be found eating it, and check they do not have wrappers left in their mouth.
● Ensure the animal is breathing and acting normally and try to determine the amount of chocolate the pet has consumed and what brand of
chocolate as this is important. Eating even a very small amount of dark chocolate can be serious. This is because dark chocolate contains far more of the chemical that has the toxic effect in cats and dogs compared to milk chocolate. This information is really important.
● Ring your vet surgery straight away with this information, it will make it easier to assess the urgency of any treatment needed.
● Even low levels of chocolate can cause vomiting and diarrhoea and high levels of the toxin can have much more serious effects including
heart disturbances and seizures.
● If a pet does get hold of any Easter treats, don’t hesitate to call a vet, a speedy response can save lives.