Save a life? Join the Kernow Bloodhounds!

Save a life? Join the Kernow Bloodhounds!
February 27, 2017 kernow


Kernow Veterinary Group “Bloodhound Club” are looking for some new members as our more senior dogs on the list retire.   Our Bloodhound Club are some lovely dogs and owners who are prepared to pop into one of our surgeries in an emergency to donate blood.  We especially need some more blood type negative dogs (the rarer blood type).   We may never call you but we know you are there – just in case.

Who can help?

Dogs need to be:-
> Over 25kg (lean weight)
> Good general health
> Under 8yrs old – use breed discretion
> Vaccinated
> Never been pregnant
> Regularly wormed
> Never been abroad
> Never had blood transfusion
> Good temperament
> Biochemistry and haematology run ahead of donation
> Not on current medications

So we take care of you

In return your dog will be blood typed free of charge, they will get their annual booster done free of charge and will have a free of charge health check and blood screen before joining the list.    They will also have a free of charge blood screen before any donation.

All you need to do

If anyone is interested and  has a dog who they would be willing have considered for the group then initially email

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