Alabama Rot – further update – press release

Alabama Rot – further update – press release
February 6, 2019 kernow

Press release re Alabama Rot update 5th February 2019

Concern over possible new case

Kernow Vets has recently treated a dog from the Par area which sadly lost its life to kidney failure.  There was a small wound on one of her toes.   Our vets needed to consider Alabama Rot as one possible cause.  Despite intensive treatment to support her failing kidneys she very sadly lost her battle.  In this patient there was evidence of a possible already existing kidney problems.  The wound on the foot may not have been related to the illness.

Not a confirmed case yet

With the owner’s permission, samples have been sent to the Anderson Moore vet practice.   AM are involved in coordinating the research into Alabama Rot.  The aim is to assess if this was a case of Alabama Rot.

Kernow Vets are aware of the concern of the many dog walkers who use Par Beach as this dog had exercised there.  All the evidence currently points to a link to mud and woodland being involved in some way with Alabama Rot.  Concern has been expressed that this dog had not been walking in that type of area.

What to do in the meantime

The practice will release the results of the samples as soon as they have them.  If it does show that Alabama Rot was the cause of the disease then we will stop advising beach walks are the safest option.  At the moment the best advice is still to avoid damp woody areas if possible.  Wash mud off your dog when returning from a walk. If you have any unexplained wounds anywhere on your dog, take your pet to your vet at the earliest convenience.

Kernow Vets express their deepest sympathy to the owner of this lovely dog.  We wish to thank them for letting us tell her story.  It is so important that we all act on the facts of this sad case.    Further advice –